Q. Is there anything I should know about importing Furniture?

Yes. Furniture can be a Quarantine risk dependent upon what the furniture is made from. You should talk with us before you purchase so you have a full understanding of the possible costs involved.

Q. What should I know about importing a Camper Trailer, Motor Vehicle or Caravan?

These types of goods may require an Import Permit. It is illegal to import a vehicle without an import permit.

Q. Paying the GST on my imports is creating some financial cashflow issues, is there anything that can be done.

Yes. It is possible that you could apply for GST Deferral. This depends upon how your BAS is set up and your payment structure. We can assist you with this.

Q. Can I Customs Clear my own product?

Whilst there is provision for you to do so, it is not advisable. There are a lot of legal requirements with major penalties if you lodge incorrect information. A Customs Broker studies for 3 years, has years of experience within the industry and then must sit before a Board to be granted a licence.

Q. Is there a limit on how much I can ship?

Absolutely not. You can ship 1 carton or you can ship a whole container. We have a solution for every type of cargo no matter how big or small. We will always find the most financially economical method.

Q. Do you have someone available 24/7 to clear my cargo if it is urgent?

Yes. Our Customs Broker is on call and able to answer your queries or clear urgent cargo as required. You are family to us and your business matters.

Q. Can you handle food products?

Yes. We have many clients who import different types of food stuffs from all around the world. We are experienced in understanding the ingredients and the possible quarantine restrictions or requirements.

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