Customs Brokerage

We have a dedicated and experienced team of Licenced Customs Brokers who are highly regarded within the industry and ready to assist you in in ensuring that not only do you comply with the Importation and Exportation legislative requirements but that you are also minimising the financial impact on your business. We do this by assisting you in areas such as:

Advice on Customs Tariffs to ensure that your goods are classified correctly therefore avoiding Customs Audit penalties and Duty demands

Overseas Trade enquiries – not all enquiries to your business are good ones. We assist you to sift through the legitimate ones and the enquiries that you should stay away from

Tariff Concessions and Duty Rates – ensuring that your goods are imported with minimal financial impact from duty liability

Free Trade Agreements – we provide you with information in regards to countries that we have Free Trade Agreements in place with and then ensure that your supplier provides the correct documentation to reduce your duty liabilities where possible

Duty and GST exemptions – if there is an exemption, we will find it. We are all about reducing your costs to maximise your profits within the provision of the law.

Dumping Duty – we assist to determine if your goods will attract Dumping Duty and what that will likely mean for your business.

Quarantine Compliance – we are highly experienced in products that fall under the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources legislation. Any product that is produced from either Animal or Plant matter will have some form of Quarantine requirement. We ensure that you are able to make informed decisions prior to placing orders.

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